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From Luis Falcón:
We are proud to announce the release of GNU Health 1.6.3. This version brings major improvements in the hospital information system, both from the administrative and patient management. Here is a quick summary of the main changes :

** Features **
  • Patient Nutrition management. Complex combinations that take into account therapeutics, pre-existing conditions, surgeries, lifestyles,
  • vegetarianism and other belief-based diets.
  • Inpatient medication medication and history log
  • New nursing module
  • Nursing roundings ( evaluations, procedures, medications … )
  • New user profiles (doctors, nurses, clerks, …)
  • New appointment reports
  • Improved standard security profiles
  • The translation project is now entirely done from Transifex, so the health center will install only the languages they need
  • Revised and improved look and feel, from views to icons
  • Many models datafiles ( medicaments, WHO essential meds, .. ) can be now modified from the client.
  • Improve installation scripts and Archlinux support
  • Improve search patient methods
  • Bugfixes
** Credits **

Thanks to all of you who have collaborated in the mailing lists and IRC channels. The end users, developers, tryton community. Many thanks to the GNU community and to the Free Software Foundation for hosting GNU Health.

Thanks to organizations like the United Nations InternationalInstitute for Global Health -UNU IIGH – for their commitment with GNU Health. UNU is giving GNU Health trainings and capacity building to countries in Asia an Africa,

** Upgrade Notes **

There is no specific notes for this upgrade, so upgrading your previous GNU Health version will be straight forward. Please follow the general upgrade instructions at the GNU Health Wiki.