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As the “Free Software World” knows, Dr. Richard Stallman visited Argentina last week.
Dr. Stallman
Thanks to the great work of Fundación Via Libre and the Centro de Estudiantes “Nuevo Espacio”, Stallman could come to Argentina one more time !
So, as planned, Dr. Stallman got to Argentina for the last time and started his agenda. He first went to Rio Negro where he provided support for the initiative of the provincial government to pass a Law of Free Software. 

Then, on Friday, June 8th he gave an excellent conference at the Facultad de Ciencias Económicas of the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA). There were around 500 people present and, according to many people, it was one of the best conference Dr. Stallman has given. 
During the lecture Luis Falcón, of GNU Solidario, was invited by Stallman to talk about GNU Health: The Free Health and Hospital Information System. We really want to to thank Mr. Stallman for this opportunity and for the support to the GNU Health project. 
Luis Falcón – GNU Solidario –
Unfortunately, a night that was supposed to be remembered forever as the last time of Stallman in Argentina, ended up in the worst way. While many people were surrounding Mr. Stallman to take pictures and buy some merchandising, his bag was stolen. He was robbed of his computer, passport, money, medicines … (wikinoticias).
During the weekend we had the opportunity to spend some time with him and it was nice to have a dinner with talks and jokes (Mr. Stallman has a great sense of humor, even in Spanish !).

We wish him good luck and a safe trip back home !
If anyone has news about the stolen articles send a mail to: info@vialibre.org.ar