A new chapter in Public Health begins. The largest public hospital in Asia, and leading research institution has adopted GNU Health.
Group picture of AIIMS IT personnel and Luis Falcon
It has been a pleasure to meet in person the IT director Dr. Shariff and the rest of the team, that made me feel at home during my visit to the AIIMS in Delhi.
AIIMS is the largest public health institution in India and in all Asia.
During my stay, we had time to visit the facility, the infrastructure and give an initial training to the local team. The GNU Health implementation will be lead by them, and I am very happy to see that. Building local capacity is key for a large project like this.
GNU Health Federation - HMIS node
Thank you All India Institute of Medical Sciences for choosing Freedom and equity in healthcare !
I will always remember Dr. Shariff email on Febraury 2018. That mail started all. Thank you, and your team, for choosing GNU Health. Thank you for your hospitality in India, for  making me feel at home during my stay, and for all the beautiful presents I will always keep.
The world needs more Social Medicine, and AIIMS has given another huge step forward in that direction.  We wish AIIMS all the best and, for now, we  give you a warm welcome our international GH Community !