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Con la finalidad de optimizar la atención, así como evitar papeleo y demoras, la Secretaría de Salud a través de Servicios de Salud de Morelos (SSM), implementará un sistema de software libre GNU Health especial para expediente médico electrónico, adaptado por la Universidad de Naciones Unidas y Ministerios de Salud de distintos países … leer mas

With the purpose to optimize primary care, as well as avoiding paperworks and delays, the Ministry of Health through the Health Services of Morelos (SSM) will implement GNU Health, a free software Health and Hospital Information System, adopted by the University of United Nations and the Ministries of Health of other countries. By 2018 this software will be able to make all the medical records of 7 General Hospitals, 3 Community Hospitals and 204 Health Centers fully electronic (EMR) in order to satisfy the functionality of the medical history, hospital management and Health Information System (HIS).

This project will allow a better coordination between first and second level of health care, becauseit will be able to schedule appointments and get labs results with no need to attend the units, always guaranteeing the confidentiality of patients’ data. Given this new technology and with the goal to make the system more efficient, the Informatics Team of SSM will be trained by Luis Falcón, MD and Computer Scientis, creator of the system ­ GNU Health.