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A time of digital convergence and market concentration is one of haste and efficiency, but also one of opportunities…if you dare to innovate. For GNU Solidario, the challenge was called “Occhiolino GNU LIMS”. This Laboratory Management Software is meant to partner GNU Health as leading solutions based on the Tryton framework.

GNU LIMS aims at providing excellence and adaptability to its users. Licensed under the terms of GPL v3+, this system is also community based. As well, the system will have two vital qualities every fruitful and visionary platform ought to possess nowadays: modularity and scalability. Since it is meant for a wide variety of sectors—such as healthcare, food and water, pharmaceuticals, and bio-labs, among others—Occhiolino must be modular, multi-language, highly (and easily) scalable and versatile. It also has to fit the most rigorous international standards.
Some of its functionalities are:

Features • Free: Licensed under GPL v3+
• Community Based: A project for the community, by the community.
• Modular: It will fit different sectors (health, water, food, …)
• Scalable: It should fit both small and large institutions.
• Standard based
• Multi-language

Funcionality • Sample management
• Lab equipment integration
• Workflows
• Suppliers and Supply Chain Management
• Accounting
• Stock Management
• Purchase Management
• Sales Management

To innovate, one must also bestow a significant amount of faith upon a project. This is what the organization CIATI A.C., pioneers in the use of GNU LIMS, did in Argentina. This enterprise provides technical services to food and agriculture industries, through its own laboratories and pilot plants.

Favio Dutria, responsible for the IT Department, explained: “To be part of the development of Occhiolino and generate the first LIMS that is integrated with and ERP and is also free software, that is what drove us to take challenge, because we believe this could benefit not only CIATI, but also all emerging communities that will function much better through this development”.

He added: 

“Free Software philosophy will enable companies, such as CIATI, to constantly grow, while sharing knowledge in a community-based way, which will guarantee a constant evolution of the product. For all this is that we thank the team at Thymbra, for giving us the security and confidence in betting on this project.”

Do not miss the opportunity to see all about it during the upcoming IWEEE!

Here is an amuse-bouche:

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