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Santiago de Chile view
The Conference took place at the Catholic University of Chile, in Santiago, between August 01-07th, 2013. This year, as part of the recently established “ISfTeH & IFMSA Partnership”, the ISfTeH (International Society of Telemedicine & eHealth) organized an “eHealth Symposium”, on August 1st.
Dr. Etienne, Director of OPS-OMS and Dr. Jaime Mañalich Health Minister of Chile at the Opening Ceremony and Dinner Gala
I was invited as an ISfTeH FLOSS Working Group representative, together with Mr. Frank Lievens and Mr. Adolfo Sparenberg, ISfTeH Board Members.
The “ISfTeH & IFMSA eHealth Symposium”, on August 1st, counted with both our local and remote presentations by very active and recognized ISfTeH members: Dr. Etienne Saliez, Dr. Monika Hübler, Eng. Thomas Karopka.
Dr. Etienne, Director of OPS-OMS at the Opening Ceremony
On August 2nd we attended 2 sessions:
IFMSA GA WG Session on Public Health Strategies: Where I presented the GNU Health Project and Adolfo Sparenberg presented the Public Telecardiology Project RS State/Brazil. The focus of this session was to introduce new opportunities and strategies which can contribute to the improvement of public health assistance. Around 40 IFMSA delegates, representing different countries, were part of the audience.
Sebastián Marró – GNU Health – AIFMSA GA WG Session on Public Health Strategies
IFMSA Telemedicine Session- Round table meeting at the Catholic University of Chile: This activity was characterized as a practical activity aiming to identify students interested in telehealth matters and also as an attempt to organize a group of IFMSA national members for the establishment of an “eHealth working group”.
Sebastián Marró with IFMSA LORMA Maria Aroca
Sebastián Marró with Mr. Frank Lievens and Mr. Adolfo Sparenberg at the Opening Ceremony
I would like to thank Frank Lievens and Adolfo Sparenberg for inviting me to take part of this important activity jointly promoted by the ISfTeH and IFMSA and gave me the opportunity to introduce GNU Health and the Free Software concept to students from all over the world.
Sebastián Marró