Lomonosov Moscow State University – Faculty of Medicine in Buenos Aires.

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On December 5th. in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina) GNU Solidario welcomed a delegation of the Lomonosov Moscow State University – Faculty of Medicine (Russia).

I want to thank the Barceló University for their tremendous help in every aspect of the logistics of the event. Many thanks to the Dr. Cosme Argerich Hospital, for the great day and guided tour of their health center. 

The Russian Delegation, lead by Prof. Oleg Medvedev, (VD, Ph.D) Chairman of the Department of Pharmacology. Professor Oleg got in touch with me around a month ago. They wanted to get a deeper understanding of the Health care system in Argentina.

Group Picture at Dr. Cosme Argerich Hospital

Dr. Simes and Dr. Medvedev
Signing the cooperation agreement. Dr. Héctor A. Barceló and Dr. Oleg Medvedev
Luis Falcón and Dr. Medvedev
Luis Falcón presenting GNU Health
Prof. Dr. Adrian Barceló and Luis Falcón
Luis Falcón and Dr. Medvedev at the closing session
Dr. Meirovich, former minister of health Dr. H. Lombardo, Dr. Medvedev
Dr. Medvedev showed us great mobile ECG and real-time cardiac monitoring devices (seen on top of the table)

I’m positive this is just the beginning of a very productive relationship between GNU Solidario and the Moscow State University.