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Hospital Main Entrance

On December 5th. in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina) GNU Solidario welcomed a delegation of members from the Lomonosov Moscow State University – Faculty of Medicine (Russia) and from ARMIT (Association of Developers of Software for Healthcare System).

The Russian Delegation, lead by Prof. Oleg Medvedev, (VD, Ph.D) Chairman of the Department of Pharmacology. Prof. Oleg got in touch with Luis Falcón, of GNU Solidario, around a month ago. He was coming to Argentina and wanted to learn more about the Organization of the National Health Care System in Argentina.

Moscow University delegation at Hospital Militar Central – Buenos Aires –

Thanks to the help and organization of the Universidad Barceló, the Russian Delegation could get a guided tour at the Dr. Cosme Argerich Hospital.

The delegation is received in the main hall by the authorities of the Hospital
At the Dr. Cosme Argerich Hospital, Dr. José Luis Ciucchi, Dr. Oscar Regalado and Lic. Viviana Rousseaux were in charge of the visit. The 33 delegates with the members from GNU Solidario and the Universidad Barceló were received in the main hall and then started a very interesting tour, beginning with an institutional video about the hospital.

Hospital Institutional video
After that, in order to have a better idea of the hospital care system and organization, the visit continued to the laboratory, hospital rooms, main kitchen, rehab and traumatology, emergency room, operating rooms. The tour at the Hospital ended with a visit to the Museum and with a delicious lunch.

Questions and answers session
Visiting the Hospital. Selene Cordara and Dr. Meirovich
Operating Rooms Section. Dr. Luis Simes and Selene Cordara
Dr. Simes, Dr. Meirovich, Dr. Medvedev, Luis Falcón
Dr. Simes, Lic. Rocio Cabaleiro, Selene Cordara, Dr. Meirovich
Dr. Simes and Dr. Medvedev
At the Hospital Museum
Lunch is served

Group picture
We would like to give a special thanks to the Dr. Cosme Argerich Hospital of Buenos Aires and all the people involved in the organization for their hospitality. It was a great and very rewarding experience.
After lunch prof. Medvedev, Luis Falcón, Dr. Meirovich and Selene Cordara went to the main campus of the Universidad Barceló (Las Heras) to meet with the Dean Dr. Héctor A. Barceló, where a cooperation agreement between the two Universities was signed.

Signing the cooperation agreement. Dr. Héctor A. Barceló and Dr. Oleg Medvedev
Finally we all went to the other campus where the Conferences Program started:
“GNU Health: Benefits of Free Software in Public Health” by Luis Falcón – GNU Solidario –
“Latest Developments In Pharmacology and Research in Latin America” by. Dr. Roberto Baistrocchi, Dr. Aldo Perusso, Dr. Ionathan Meirovich, Dr. Crisitna Rilo – Universidad Barceló –
“Remote-Nutrition: Using new Technologies applied to Education” by Laura Pets and Sofia Goldy – Universidad Barceló –
“Public Health” by Dr. Hector Lombardo Lombardo, former Argentina Minister of Health.
“Current State of Medical Education in Russia” by Dr. Oleg Medvedev – Faculty of Fundamental Medicine –
Luis Falcón and Dr. Medvedev
Luis Falcón – GNU Solidario –
Luis Falcón presenting GNU Health
Prof. Dr. Adrian Barceló and Luis Falcón
Questions and answers
Luis Falcón and Dr. Medvedev at the closing session
Laura Pets, Sofia Goldy, Dr. Meirovich, Dr. Cristina Riló, Dr. Medvedev
Dr. Meirovich, former minister of health Dr. H. Lombardo, Dr. Medvedev
Dr. Medvedev presentation
Dr. Medvedev
Dr. Medvedev showed a great mobile ECG and real-time cardiac monitoring devices (seen on to of the table)

The university also gave us a chance to visit the Nutrition Department, the Library, the Anatomy Lab, the Anatomy Museum, different labs and a classroom.

It has been a very intensive day, full of emotions and knowledge. We were honored to meet Prof. Oleg and its delegation. We are pretty sure this is going to be the first step for future knowledge and business exchanges.
Our special thanks to:
Dr. Luis Simes (Universidad Barceló)
Dr. Ionathan Meirovich (Universidad Barceló)
Dr. Cristina Riló (Universidad Barceló)
Lic. Rocio Cabaleiro (Universidad Barceló)
Dr. José Luis Ciucchi (Hospital Militar “Dr. Cosme Argerich”)
Dr. Oscar Regalado (Hospital Militar “Dr. Cosme Argerich”)
Lic. Viviana Russeaux (Hospital Militar “Dr. Cosme Argerich”)