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Brasilia: National Congress

These last two weeks have been very busy !! We went from Latinoware (Foz do Iguaçu) where we organized IWEEE 2011 Brazil: Momentum to the Encuentro Nacional de Tecnología da Informação (ENTI) in Brasilia.

Luis Falcón

The event, organized by Ministério do Planejamiento, Ministerío das Cidades, and Secretaria de Relações Institucionaias, gathered  parallel activities:

Juscelino Kubitschek’s Bridge
  • – II Encontro Nacional de Tecnologia da  Informação para os Municípios 
  • – II Encontro Nacional de Qualidade de Software 
  • – I Encontro de Governança em Tecnologia da Informação 
  • – I Encontro Nacional de Dados Abertos 
  • – Pré-Conferência Nacional de Governo Eletrônico 
GNU Solidario was invited in order to present GNU Health on the 26th. Luis Falcón gave an introductory speech about the ONG, the projects and GNU Health.

Luis Falcón and Cesar Brod
At the presentation participated also Cesar Brod (Coordinator of the Brazilian Public Software Portal, Ministry of Planning, Brazil), who explained how they met and how Luis`s work ,with GNU Solidario, contribuited to the spread of Free Software, Education and Health
Presentation of GNU Health and GNU Solidario
The introductory speeches created the perfect atmosphere for a round table that was animated by a strong participation from the public ! There were people from the Argentinian government, from Brazilian Ministry of Health, medical professionals from different hospitals, universities and IT specialists.
The public had many questions
Unfortunately time really flew … There were too many questions and too little time !! As you know, you are more than welcome to get in touch with us and send us your questions, doubts, concerns …
Roberto Sahakian – Jorge Luis Cabezas (Argentinian Government) and C. Melgosa
Our special thanks  to Cesar Brod and Corinto Meffe (Director of Department of Integration Information System, Brazil) for all the help, support, organization and … for the translating !
Luis Falcón and Corinto Meffe
Going to the event !
For more info: health@gnusolidario.org