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On Friday September 9that the CISL 2011,Luis Falcón presented his speech about GNU Health.

The presentationclear and concise, gave space to questions from the public at the end of it.

Richard Stallman, who at the end of August appointed GNU Health a sa GNU Official Package, was present at the speech and exchanged words with Luis and the audience.

He also gave some tips as: “Do not use Windows that is malevolent, the iPod is iBad and do not put my photos on Facebook! “

Answering the questions
Richard Stallman  participating to the conference
At the conference we also had the chance to meet “in person” some members of the community, like Mario Puntin and Adrian Bernardi of Silix. They participate actively at the development and implementation of GNU Health.

Members from Thymbra and Silix at the Buenos Aires National Library
We thank all participants for coming and hope to see you soon at upcoming events.

Richard Stallman and Luis Falcón

Part of  Thymbra’s team and R. Stallman: Cristina Melgosa, Luis Falcón, Richard Stallman, Sebastián Marró, Ignacio Parszyk, Bruno Villasanti