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Kisiizi Hospital is located in the Republic of Uganda in Western region near the boarder of DR congo. Kisiizi Hospital treats about 300,000 residents with the nearest hospital nearly 100 kilometers away, in Kabaale, it serves as a health haven for most residents who can barely afford pain killers. 
With support from many well wishers from UK, the hospital also trains Nurses at the Nursing school, these in turn are employed at the hospital. The hospital generates its own power through a hydro power plant. Its capacity is 250 beds. 
We at Geomaqs Technologies Ltd are helping the hospital implement a management Information System based on openerp. 
We would like to adopt medical as a HIS/MRS. Are there any members who have functional modules for openerp 5.0.14, reply mokongo@geomaqs.com 
*Note t hat q is Q in my mail.

Michael Okongo Sangoro
Kampala, Uganda