We are celebrating the first anniversary of the Thymbra OpenERP Academy in Latin America.

During this year, in Thymbra we have had people from all over Latin America. From Argentina and Uruguay to Spain, Ecuador and Venezuela.

The number of students is growing exponentially, proportionally to the interest and involvement of the Latin America community in OpenERP.

Since we started our partnership with Tiny in 2005, the number implementations and students just keeps growing.

This proves our slogan

“Three decades of [r]evolution :
GNU (1980s ) -> Linux (1990s) -> OpenERP (2000)”

The OpenERP academy in Latin America is the only one who has the certification from Belgium Tiny SPRL in Spain and Latin America.

Last but not least, thank you very much to all of you who have trusted us in the implementations and in the academy. Retailers, service companies, universities, manufacturers…. This is just the beginning ….

Thymbra is committed to bring the best in localization, implementation and educational services to all the companies, in Spain and Latin America.

Luis Falcón