At Thymbra R+D Labs – Torre de Hanoi – we have developed the Electronic Invoicing module. Even though it has been localised to Argentina, most of the concepts are valid for other countries.

Electronic Invoicing allows us to generate documents (different types of invoices, Credit or Debit notes .. ) without the need of printing them. We save space, time, money and we collaborate with mother nature.

With the OpenERP Electronic Invoicing module we can generate invoice batches automatically. The generated document is processed by the fiscal administration (AFIP in Argentina), which will emit an authorization code (CAE) for each invoice.

Once we have the CAE, we can send a copy (pdf or xml) by mail to the client, or he / she can check it / download it online.

The main steps are :

Invoice generation in OpenERP -> XML / webservice -> CAE -> mail to client

The module be part be part of OpenERP 5.0

Please write to us at openerp@thymbra.com if you have any question about this module.