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Dear GNU Health community:

After 7 months of intense work, I am happy to announce GNU Health 2.8 series !

Here is a partial list of the new features :

* Tryton 3.4 compatibility
* Distributed environment, data aggregation and synchronization features
* Universal Person Unique Identifier (PUID) and UUID implementation
* Country immunization schedule
* HL7 FHIR server (thank you, Chris Zimmerman !)
* Automatic person immunization status check
* Vital Records System : Birth and Death certificates
* Enhanced security for Tryton server credentials
* Injury Surveillance System (Thank you, Jamaica MoH !)
* GNU Health control program : Automatic backups and patches
* Enhanced Crypto features / GNU Privacy Guard integration
* New models including in digital signatures
* Demographics reports

There are many other improvements and bug fixes that have not been included in this summary document. You can read the Changelog for a detailed description of all the activity.

** Installation :
If you are installing GNU Health as the first time, follow the instructions in https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/GNU_Health/Installation

** Existing Installations : Upgrade procedure

If you already have a GNU Health system in your health center, you should upgrade it to 2.8.0 . As always, the upgrade path is included in GNU Health.  The upgrade for version 2.8.0 is straight forward :

Follow the Upgrade Instructions in the Wikibook

** Official Languages
GNU Health now includes English, Chinese, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and  Spanish, as the official languages. The language packs of the official languages are included in the GNU Health package, with all the modules, so there is no need to download.

There are over 100 language teams for GNU Health ! If you are a language maintainer and want to include your language for the next stable release, please send us a mail to health@gnusolidario.org .

Thanks !
A big thank you to my colleagues from GNU Health community; GNU Solidario; Thymbra and Tryton, and to the Free Software movement.

Enjoy the new version and report any bug / issues / improvements to health@gnu.org !

Luis Falcón