It’s great to see how fast the GNU Health community is growing, not only in installations, but in companies and institutions delivering implementation and training.
The latest service and training provider is Serpent Consulting Services in India. 
“Serpent Consulting Services feels immense pleasure to say that we are in partnership with Thymbra and supporting GNU Health” , said Jay Vora, Managing Director from Serpent CS.
So, now, besides de supporting governments (like Brazil or the European Community ) and multilateral organizations (like United Nations ), there are private companies that are commited to Free Software in health care using GNU Health.
We’ll be generating a map with all the service and training partners in the world, so you can choose the one closest to you.
This raise in the number of service and training providers show that Free Software is both ethical and a great business model.
Thank you to all the health professionals and the community at large that contribute with their talent in suggestions, questions, answers and bug reports.
Finally, our gratitude goes to the GNU project, Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation , for adopting GNU Health in their GNU System !
We fight for equity in health care. We deliver health and education with Free Software universally, and it would have been impossible without your contribution.
If you provide services around GNU Health and want your company to be shown in the services section of send us a mail to and we’ll be happy to publish it.
Remember that, as in today, GNU Health runs on Tryton … just in case 😉

About GNU Health

GNU Health is a free Health and Hospital Information System that provides the following functionality :

  •     Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  •     Hospital Information System (HIS)
  •     Health Information System

GNU Health is an official GNU Package , chosen by Richard Stallman, and is part of GNU Solidario. GNU Solidario is a NGO that delivers education and health to emerging economies with free software.

GNU Health is the Hospital Information System chosen by the United Nations International Institute of Global Health.

Main site :

Governments hosting GNU Health through their portals :

    European Commission (EU) , JoinUp

    Brazil: Portal do Software Público Brasileiro (SPB)

All the best

Luis Falcon
GNU Solidario