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The Tryton team is happy to announce the 2.2 release of Tryton

The changes on the user interface are once again really important:

  • The pop-up windows are now “no modal”, which means that they are linked to the tab in which they were opened. Creating a new tab is now possible. Also, switching from one tab to the other restores the state of the opened pop-up windows.
  • The search widget has been completely redesigned. We are now using a unique widget which allow users to use the search function in a much more natural way using a simple syntax. An auto-completion system has been included to help users write their search query.
  • The action toolbar on the bottom of the screen has been merged with main toolbar.
  • The user experience has been improved by using the same design from the Many2Many and One2Many widgets.

More info and news: Tryton

Please find following some screenshots of the new version: