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We are very happy to announce that Dr. Alexandre Aguiar is the New Project Leader of  GNU Health in Brazil.
Dr. Aguiar participated at the last edition of IWEEE Brazil – Latinoware 2011. 
He will be giving a presentation at the II Encontro Nacional do Tecnologia do Informaçao do SPB (Brasilia, Oct. 25-27, 2011). The event is organized by the Ministerío do Planejamiento, Ministerío das Cidades and the Secretaria de Relacoes Institucionais of Brazil.
Some more info:

Dr. Alexandre Aguiar was born in 1962.

He graduated from Medicine School in 1986 at the Universidade Federal Fluminense.

He completed his Residency in Surgery and Pediatric Surgery in 1991, Escola Paulista de Medicina (Universidade Federal de São Paulo).

He graduated in Computer Science, 1996 from Fundação Alvarez Penteado

He has worked and published in Public Health programs, Pediatric Surgery, Emergency and Trauma Surgery, Medical Informatics, Clinical Research, Biostatistics (and he still does !).

The list of papers indexed at Pubmed and/or Scielo journals is at: