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Neither the ashes or the incompetence of the airline companies could stop us … and we finally made it to Latinoware !!
Let me remind you that tomorrow from 10 AM to 6 PM Latinoware will host IWEEE 2011 Brazil: Momentum.
Here is the program:
Today at 2:30 PM there was the Opening Session of Latinoware 2011, this edition registered a record of participant, 4092 so far !
Here is the link where you’ll find all the info about speeches and courses, they are really interesting: http://goo.gl/vfuVR
I leave you with some pics of the day !
We made it !!
Cristina Melgosa and Sebastián Marró at our stand
Opening Session
Sebastián Marró, TUX and Luis Falcón !
Luis Falcón and Sebastián Marró
Jon “Maddog”, Sebastián Marró and Luis Falcón
Jon “Maddog”, Sebastián Marró and Cristina Melgosa
A little work …
What happened  TUX !?!? Please, help him …