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We are getting ready for the next IWEEE Brazil 2011 en Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil
IWEEE 2011 Brazil will be held during Latinoware in Itaipu, Brazil on October 19-21 – 2011. In the next few days we will publish the new slogan for the event and more information.
IWEEE is not a pure technical conference. It will focus on the human factor and in raising awareness about the actual situation. We will discuss the tools that we can provide today to doctors and institutions to improve their habitants health and education.
The workshop promotes Free Software as one of the main pillars for a sustainable framework for providing e-health and education for the developing and least developed countries. 
Latinoware 2011 will present the main novelties and matters of importance in the world of open source software for Latin America.
During the Conference, lectures will be given with themes focusing around: Social Networks; Agile Development; Business Models; Accessibility and Mobility; and Cloud Computing. 
This matrix will enable crossing over between specific topics, such as: programming languages and frameworks; desktop environments; geo-processing; computer graphics and games; Linux distributions; and Virtualization.
If you are interested in assist please get in contact with us ASAP
We hope to see you there !