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Yesterday I returned to Buenos Aires from my European tour. It was a very productive week in Geneva and Barcelona, talking about MEDICAL with colleagues, partners, and organizations interested in implementing and joining the MEDICAL project. We also talked about the next version of MEDICAL, Tryton and OpenERP.

Angel, Albert Cervera (Nan Tic) and Luis Falcón in Barcelona


Nice dinner with the NaN tic guys. We talked about the OpenERP community, and the need of having a governance in Free Software projects without censorship  or being partial. We all see today how speculators are getting into the “open source” and the techniques they are using to lock-in users.

As I said in an interview last year in OpenERP ( http://www.openerp.com/node/549 ), at the end of the day, is your actions what counts, not the tools that you use. By the way, I hope this interview remains there and won’t be censored, as my latest emails 😉

Cool street names in Barcelona 🙂

Finally, I had the chance to go and support the “Indignados” demonstration in Plaza Cataluña, against politicians and private companies responsible of the crisis that we – as the community – have to suffer.

“Indignados” demonstration in Barcelona

After all, greed puts at risk the development and dignity of communities. The same greedy hands are the ones destroying societies and the free software projects.

Luckily, these people in Barcelona and in the rest of Spain, as well as the free software advocates,  have the conviction to fight for our dignity and future.