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MEDICAL, the Free Health and Hospital Information System has incorporated the PSC to its latest development branch.
The Pediatric Symptoms Checklist – PSC – has been developed by Dr. Michael Jellinek and Dr. Michael Murphy  from the Massachusetts General Hospital.

The authors define the PSC as a brief screening questionnaire that is used by pediatricians and other health professionals to improve the recognition and treatment of psychosocial problems in children” 

PSC patient section in MEDICAL

MEDICAL uses the standard PSC form – to be completed by the parents – and will include the Y-PSC.

MEDICAL automatically calculates the total PSC score, based upon form values. It also highlights the evaluations that might indicate a child psychosocial impairment.

The PSC cutoff values will be localized to the different countries (Japan, Germany, Holland …), so it will fit their recommended cutoffs.

Sample data of PSC in MEDICAL

I want to thank Drs. Michael Jellinek and Michael Murphy for developing PCS, as well as Sandra Bishop, PhD and María Pagano, PhD from further investigating and working on this great system. I specially thank them for making it a free resource, for the well-being of all the childrens around the world. If you use the PSC functionality of MEDICAL in your health center, please send them a note !

Thank you
Luis Falcón

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