Luis Falcón is pleased to announce the Medical 1.0.0 release. After more than 2 years we get the first general availability version of Medical, the Free Health and Hospital Information System.

Thanks to all of you who have committed your talent and your time to make a system that can improve the lives of people all over the world, no matter their economical status.

Medical is now installed in many places and countries, from Primary care centers in Argentina, to the United Nations University, to Hospitals in Indonesia or Africa, to name only a few.

Now with the base system settled, we will start to add new functionality in the 1.1 (development) series. Many exciting features and specialities are coming this year : Pediatrics, ophthalmology, epidemiology, nutrition, oncology, cardiology, neurology …. all for free and available to all health professionals around the globe

Today MEDICAL optimizes the promotion of health and the prevention of the disease, by having a holistic view of the patient, her family, socioeconomic status, lifestyle and clinical history. It also allows the health center to manage its resources, and the ministry of health to improve the health campaigns. Used properly, MEDICAL is a great public health tool.

Finally, thanks to the Government of the European Community, for publishing MEDICAL in their Public Software Portal, as well as our Brazilian friends, who have published MEDICAL at the Portal do Software Público Brasileiro.

Medical is part of GNU Solidario ( )
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