Posted below is the preliminary list of confirmed speakers for IWEEE 2010 Brazil: e-Health For All. In a few days we’ll post the talks titles and schedule times.

Corinto Meffe y Cesar Brod

Republica Federativa do Brasil – Brasil –

Luis Falcon
GNU Solidario – España –

Victor Aravena
CEISUFRO – Chile –

Luis Simes
Facultad de Medicina H.A. Barceló – Argentina –

Giuliana Garcete
Décima Región Sanitaria – Paraguay –

Raphael Ademoyegun
Ondo State Health Management Nigeria – Africa –

Luciana Tricalli
Universidade Federal Flumiense – Brasil –

Tataiana Al-Chueyr – Brasil –

Tim Cook
Universidade Federal Flumiense – Brasil –

Round Table: Hypes and Hopes: Finding the balance. Current status of e-Health in Emerging Economies.

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Selene Cordara