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Before the end of the year we will witness three major milestones : 

  • Medical 1.0
  • OpenERP 6.0
  • Debian GNU/Linux 6.0

In this blog I write about the importance of Debian in our organization, GNU Solidario.

We, GNU Solidario, have been using Debian GNU/Linux for many years, not only in our installations, but in our implementations, as well as mirroring the repositories for Argentina.

Medical in Debian GNU/Linux 6 (Squeeze)
Primary school children installing Debian in rural school

This entry is a tribute to the Debian community, which has been always at the heart of Free Software, and today is the source for many linux distributions (including Ubuntu).
Here are some pictures when we installed some years ago Debian GNU/Linux in two rural schools in Santiago del Estero.

Thanks to Debian for all these years of contribution to the community, as a truly Free Operating System.
If you are about to get into GNU/Linux, try Debian, it’s very stable; has a great community and it’s truly free ! Visit http://www.debian.org

About Medical

Medical is a free (GPL license), centralized Health and Hospital Information System for OpenERP that provides the following functionality :

  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Hospital Information System (HIS)
  • Health Information System

Medical is part of GNU Solidario ( http://gnusolidario.org/en ) . GNU Solidario is a NGO that delivers education and health solutions with free software.

Main site : http://medical.sf.net

Governments hosting Medical through their portals :