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I’m happy to announce the enhanced functionality for drug addictions surveillance and control under Medical.

The main points are :

  •  NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) categorization, descriptions and effects of most important recreational drugs
  • Administration routes
  • Commercial and street names
  • Dr. Henningfield’s drug rating / score on :
    • Withdrawal
    • Reinforcement
    • Tolerance
    • Dependence
    • Intoxication

    • Additional fields to rank the toxicity and addiction levels of the drug
    • Special indicator for Intravenous (IV) users

    In addition, new lifestyle All these extra indicators and functionality will help the health professional to better In addition, I have enhanced the tobacco and alcohol sections, with extra input fields.

    The information will help the health professional and social workers to improve the prevention and treatment of the patient, as well as to have better epidemiological information on the prevalence and incidence of different addictions.

    About Medical

    Medical is a free (GPL license), centralized Health and Hospital Information System for OpenERP that provides the following functionality :

    • Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
    • Hospital Information System (HIS)
    • Health Information System

    Medical is part of GNU Solidario ( http://gnusolidario.org/en ) . GNU Solidario is a NGO that delivers education and health solutions with free software.

    Main site : http://medical.sf.net

    Governments hosting Medical through their portals :