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I just created a new DB with some demo data to test and play with.

This version is based on SVN rev. 87, with the modular design. Most modules have been loaded.

I believe that the best way to test the system is to have a couple of demo Medical Records, with as much information as possible, as well as the institution information.

The basic data includes :

– Female patient
– Diabetes type 1.
– Using an insulin pump
– Allergic to penicillin
– Mother of 2 infants ( G2P2A0). One premature.

– There is one evaluation (Presumptive diagnosis : Acute cystitis)
– One prescription ( Ciprofloxacin )
– One lab test ( urine analysis )
– Health Institution
– Doctor

Other info : Has traveled to malaria endemic area 4 months ago and did not take any anti-malarial prophylaxis.

In this demo instance, please play with the following :

– Hospitalizations
– Family members
– Lifestyle
– Perinatal and puerperium information
– Socioeconomics ( patient occupation, living conditions, … )
– Surgeries
– Genetic risks and family history
– Other lab tests (eg, CBC)
– Sexuality
– Vaccinations

We should also have demo data for the Hospital Administration (personnel, financials, products, stock, suppliers, pharmacy, … )

All that info will be used and included in the next version (0.0.49), so we have a case to work on from the start. It’s also a good way to check and look for bugs.

Please check the online demo and join the mailing lists were you’ll find the access data, and can make questions about the system. If you are not a developer, then you should subscribe to the medical-users mailing list only.

Enjoy and thanks for testing !
Luis Falcon