Since we published last week the development of Medical, we have received many emails asking us about the module.
We are very happy about the interest of the medical community even at this early stage !

This entry summarizes the main aspects of the module:

Medical is an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) module for OpenERP. It has most of the functionality to run in a doctor’s office or institution.

Medical aims to be a 100% paperless way of practicing medicine.

The main functionality covers :

– Patient Administration (creation, history, follow-ups)
– Doctor Administration
– Lab Administration
– Medicine / Drugs information (vademécum)
– Medical stock and supply chain management ( including pharmaceuticals and drugs )
– Demographics and other statistical reports
– Financial Administration (Invoicing, …).

The data model is designed in such a way that centralizes the information, so no duplication occurs.

On the other hand, medical optimizes collaboration and communication between health professionals. For example, a doctor may request an specific lab test for a patient, this is processed by the pathologist which diagnoses it and inputs the result on the system. The doctor now has all the analysis information linked to the patient chart.

Medical allows to attach documents (X-rays, Biopsy results, … ) to the Patient chart.

Security :
It will follow the access control and security model of OpenERP 5.0

Internationalization :
The main language will be English, but it can be easily translated to any other language using OpenERP 5.0 module translation. The Spanish version will exist concurrently with the english version.
Medical will also allow different units of measures (UoMs) of an specific country, but it focus on industry standards.

In the developmen of “medical”, we are working side-by-side with doctors, so they provide their real life experience to make “Medical” the best EMR system. Of course, the more feedback and input we get from the medical community, the more complete the system will be, so please send us your suggestions to .

An alpha version should be available with the upcoming stable version of OpenERP 5.0

“Medical” is free software. It’s licensed under GPL (GNU General Public License)

Luis Falcon